Parts Spotlight: Spec Miata Kits


Spec Miata suspension kits make getting all the required pieces easy and even more affordable.

The Spec Miata Suspension Kits include all the suspension parts necessary to meet SM rules and save you more than $200 per kit compared to buying the parts separately.

Parts Kits - Coilover assembly
Assembled coilover with Fat Cat Motorsports bump stops.

For those building a Spec Miata, the easiest and cheapest way to acquire the suspension pieces needed is with a kit. Although Spec Miata suspension parts are available individually, the kits available from MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development provide additional savings.
Each kit contains all the rules-required suspension parts to race in SCCA, NASA and most other clubs sanctioning Spec Miata races. That includes the Eibach springs and swaybars and Bilstein shocks.
There are two options to choose from when selecting a kit: standard bump stops or Fat Cat Motorsports bushings. The standard bump stop kit includes MAZDASPEEED Motorsports Development’s original rubber bump stops. The Fat Cat Motorsport bushing kit includes open-cell urethane bump stops. These bump stops are specially tuned for the Miata to prevent the sudden rise in stiffness as the bump stop compresses and thus ensure predictable handling at the limit.
The Fat Cat Motorsport Bushing kit utilizes the 1999-2005 stock upper shock mounts (included with 1990-’97 Fat Cat Motorsports suspension kits), which allow you to lower the car more when compared to the standard bump stop kit. Use the chart below (click to download) to choose the year of your vehicle, and then decide between the standard bump stop kit or the Fat Cat Motorsports bushing kit.
Call 800.435.2508 to order or log in to your account now to get your Spec Miata build on its way. Remember, the special racer pricing is only available to Team Support Program members, so sign up now if you’re not already a member.

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