Miata Steering & Suspension Maintenance


Suspension and steering are often thought as something that you install at the time of the build and from that time forward only adjustments are needed; this is incomplete.
2016 Solo MX-5 CarRacing conditions severely punish suspension components with constant high-G loading, bouncing off curbing, and off-track excursions.  Don’t wait to inspect the car after a component failure… Remember, it is not just about saving money - but being safe rather than sorry.
What suspension should you inspect?
•    You should inspect shocks for leaks
•    Examine control arms for bending;
•    Check bushing deterioration
•    Scrutinize ball joint slop/play.

What steering components should you examine?
•    Examine inner and outer tie rod ends for play, bending or damage;
•    Inspect steering rack boots for tearing.

For your guidance, we’ve compiled three spreadsheets; just click them:
Spec Miata Steering and Front Suspension Kits
Spec Miata Rear Suspension Kit
Spec Miata Suspension Bushing Kit

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